Saturday, November 13, 2010

mynew love one..

finally..i found u..
my new love one..
hope..u will last longer a bit then mypast one
for mypast..
i have to say sorry..
i doesnt mean want to betray u..
but..myheart was really2 fragile..
i really..really cnnot stop myself..
to fallin in love wif them..
they are really9999..


miannae..dbsk oppa..

miannae super junior oppa..

i do love u all like michyeoso..
but..suddenly..i found them..hehe
but oppa sume
kopchong ma..
..mylove for all of u..
will never eradicate from myheart..
yupe..u all will remain in myheart..
i will still be ur
kipas susah mati<die hard fan>..hehe
my new love one..

but my love for choi siwon still unggul ye..
xprnh ade gantinyew..hehe

myone n only..choi siwon~~

p/s:xphm gk npe tulih psl diorg..hehe
njoy dgr lgu2 diorg musim2 stdy week nie.. luck to all myfren in ur end posting exam..
aja2 hwaiting!!pogihajima~~..


  1. oh..kenapa semua org disekeliling saya..
    suka amt pada si mamat2 berambut panjang
    dan putih ini..
    geli ar

  2. spe yg berani nk ske pd bf2 i niee???