Friday, October 15, 2010

current mental status..

exam are around the corner..
only 1 month left..before exam end posting..
but yet..i still dunno wut i had learn in dis posting..
frankly to say..i was blur all the tyme...
still serching the right tune to study surgical techique..
still practicing to make a neat n tidy suture..
n..still practicing to hold the scissors..
come on la..1month left..
but i still not prepared enough..
bah...make me feel very2 stress...
hmm...sabar ye adila..
one step at tyme..
but must increased ur speed lo..
AJA2 FIGHTING!!!!..hehe..^-^

1 comment:

  1. mari kita teruskan...
    perjuangan yg kita mulakan....
    (macam mau ge perang jo kita ne...huhuhu)