Thursday, October 14, 2010


 i was born on 30th of december at 8pm..
my mother said..when i was born..i was very quiet..<very nice baby rite?hehe>
means of quite is..i not cry at all..not cry?yeah..not at all..
what i learn..when baby 1st is when her 1st time breath by her own 
but me?i was not cry at all doctors kelam kabut la ..
nurses beat my response..beat response..
wut happen eh?after a few moment..i dunno la wut doctors did to me..then later i cry..hehe...
then..i was named as adila..
adila means adil..
am i adil enough?hehe..i'm not very good person that cn be adil for all the time <miane....>
i am the youngest in myfamily..
i have 1 big brother..n 2 sister..
i guess i am the luckiest gurl to have such a wonderful family..dat always be there for me..
ibu n ayh..always..always showering me wif their love..
all mysiblings always support me n give their hands to help me to do all my stuff...
since i was a little child until i grew up now..
wut to kn adik~..hehe...
i nver went to boarding school..
i spend my first tyme living in hostel was when i entered johor matriculation college on year 2007..
1year in matriculation..not many sweet memories i had..
bcoz time flies i can make a lot of good frens there..
i meet wif wan toi,tasha n sarah..n miss them a lot now..
we are 4 serangkai~..always go anywhere together..
then..adila..ank kepada en.albar dan pn siti amiah nie..
merantau lagi at year of 2008..
dis time..i fly..far..far..far away from mylovely family..
thousand miles apart..across the sea.. sabah je pon..hehe..
demi cita2 untuk konon nyew menjadi doctor..
wif full of tears..i fly away to sabah...
1st person i meet in ums was halimatus sa'diah..
mak aii..jahnye die talk..<xhenti2..hehe> friendly gler la..
then went to sekola perubatan UMS for the 1st tyme n meet all mynew frens.
1st impression of all myfrenz abot me at that time is.."SOMBONGNYEW MUKE BDK NIE........."
sy xsombong..just not in mood..biasela..spe la ske kne dok jaoh dr family..
so..shy2 cat n poyo2 ckit la at first..hehe
but now..haa..spe brani ckp aku sombong ag?meh dtg sni..aku sekeh pale die..hehe..
i'm not that type of lady la...i'm very friendly..n love to make many frens..
once u know me..i guess..u n me wont stop to laugh..
i'm very easy going person..n i will try mybest to make people comfortable wif me....
people who know who am i will know what kind of person was i am..
i'm not unpredictable type..if i dun like..u cn know it from myexpression..
i'm very open minded person..u cn talk..if u want..
i cn be ur listener..when u wish me to listen..
n u cn ask for the advice..when u think i am the right people to give some guidance..
but..i believe..not all peple in this world are perfect..
soo do i..i have a lot of weakness..
but..i will..will try to overcome myweakness...
i'll try mybest in everything i do as long as i breath..
adila..will try to be..
hamba ALLAH yg beriman dan bertaqwa.
ank ibu n ayh yg solehah..
isteri yg taat dan patuh..
ibu yg penyayang n bertanggungjwb..
sahabat yg senantiasa ade dikala susah n senang....

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